2022 Roula Alakiotou Scholarship



Established in 2019 through the generous $100,000 endowment by Roula Alakiotou—pronounced “Roola Alah-kyo-too”—an original member of Chicago Women in Architecture (CWA), and recipient of the Chicago Women in Architecture Foundation (CWAF) Lifetime Achievement Award, this annual scholarship begins in 2021 and recognizes strong women architecture students in their final year of study for academic and leadership achievements. “With this scholarship,” Roula stated, “I intend to support the continued growth of diversity of the future for women architects,” embodying her long-standing involvement and belief in the CWA community.


Applicants must be female architecture students scheduled to graduate in the academic year for which they are applying (May or December) with a M. Arch or a five-year B. Arch degree, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5/4.0, from a National Architecture Accrediting Board (NAAB)-accredited architecture program in the State of Illinois.

Application includes:

  1. A complete digital portfolio of completed work during her studies
  2. An academic letter of recommendation from the dean of the department of architecture which specifically addresses student’s scholastic and leadership performance as attested by the student’s professors, accompanied by the student’s transcripts
  3. Two (2) personal letters of reference written by individuals who can provide insight into the applicant’s character, leadership, and community involvement. These individuals may include religious leaders, community organization staff, current or previous employers, or other members of the community—family members excluded.


The application is available in October and due January 28, 2022. Scholarship winners are announced and celebrated at the annual CWA Spring Brunch in May (date varies).

October 7, 2021: Application available online at cwarch.org
January 28, 2022: Application submission deadline

May, 2022: Announcement of scholarship winners at the Annual CWA Spring Brunch.

See submission guidelines