Chicago Women in Architecture Foundation relies on the generous support of donors to advance the careers of women architects. We are grateful to the following individuals and firms who have contributed to CWAF’s Annual Fund and Gertrude Lempp Kerbis Scholarship Fund in the past year:


The Kerbis Family
Roula Alakiotou


Pam Hutter
Carol Ross Barney and Alan F. Barney


Helen J. Kessler
Patricia Saldaña Natke
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP


Roberta Feldman
Richard and Alita Rogers Family Foundation, with the support of Sarah Rogers Morris
RATIO Architects, Inc., with the support of Grace Rappe
Mimi Troy
William F. Baker
Laura A. Fisher
Thomas Kerwin and bKL Architecture LLC
Ellen Rockwell Galland
SCB, with the support of Christine Carlyle
Susan L. Stearn
Martha Thorne


Elizabeth Scanlan
Lynn Meyers
Violette Deschamps
Jackie Koo
Eva L. Maddox
Dawn Schuette
Cynthia Weese


Kim Haig
Melissa M. Bogusch
Susan Budinsky
Neil Chaudhuri
Zurich Esposito and Brian McCormick
Susan King
Kathryn Quinn Architects, Ltd.
Cynthia Muller


Rachael Ballas
Deborah A. Burkhart
Ellen Dickson
Deborah Doyle
Sheila Fogel Cahnman
Bonnie Humphrey and John O’Donnell
Margaret McCurry
Ninette Francine Rabins
Linda Searl and Joseph Valerio


Susan Boeman
Julie Hacker
Elizabeth Melas
Susan J. Van der Meulen in honor of John H. Van der Meulen

$49 and under

Maureen Farris
Lisa Kulisek
Gloria Duday

Currently Funding