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September 7, 2017
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December 5, 2017

Neocon 2017

CWA Members Team Up to Speak at NeoCon 2017

By Mimi Troy

CWA Member Rada Doytcheva, FAIA, LEED AP, of RADA Architects, and CWA Past Presidents Mimi Troy, ALA, LEED AP, of Troy Architects and Marsha Spencer, AIA, of Stantec joined forces as Speakers at Neocon 2017 held annually at the Merchandise Mart, Chicago. Their presentation was entitled “Humanizing Diagnostic & Procedure Spaces in Hospitals”

The following is a description of the Seminar:
“Advances in field of medicine have led to an increasing demand in hospitals for fully integrated labs providing a complete array of diagnostic platforms within a single operating suite serving in and out patient needs. In these sterile, potentially intimidating spaces, often bristling with ominous technology, it is vital to create a calming environment for patients, many who are under only local or twilight sedation. This goal can be achieved through judicious use of finishes, colors, glazing, multi-zone dimmable lighting, simulating daylight, and careful cable management that hides the maze of corda that might easily overpower such a space.”

The seminar engaged the audience from the beginning by polling answers to questions from those in attendance such as “1. What is the missing link in contemporary health care facilities related to welcoming and people oriented environment? 2. Which areas are better addressed than others? 3. Do architects plan for medical staff feeling of wellbeing? 4. What are the areas in most need to turn around the new design approaches? 5. Any quick fixes? 6. What is the single biggest change that could be implemented?”

Following the polling some of the Learning Objectives that were presented:
Patient Wellbeing Zones
Lighting Effects
Sweeping the Spiderwebs (Cable Management)
Project Management Coordination Responsibilities
Office based Surgical Suites

Rada, Marsha and Mimi’s presentation was well received by both Architects and Designers and was followed by a lively interactive question and answer period where several in the audience shared their own insights and experience. It’s fair to say that all look forward to future seminars at Neocon and hope you do too.